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Averil George Commissioner

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Intake and Emergency Services


Often called “Intake” this office is the child protective services investigations first responder for the Virgin Islands.  Staff is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to emergency child abuse and neglect matters and to conduct front-end investigations for all allegations of child abuse and neglect.  Assessments are also conducted for unadjudicated youth who present behavioral problems. Staff provides short term follow-up monitoring to ensure the safety of children and families before transfer of cases for ongoing services or closure of cases as appropriate.

This office also provides one-time emergency welfare services for able-bodied adults aged 59 years and younger.  Emergency welfare services include transient repatriation for recently arrived nonresidents and burial services for indigent individuals.

Intake serves as a doorway to the Department of Human Services and a means of advocacy and referrals to other sources of help within the community.

Administrator: Natalie Lewis,


Our Services

The Office of Intake and Emergency Services promotes and facilities a multi- disciplinary team approach involving various government and not-for-profit community agencies. Within our community it is of prime importance that the combined efforts of all aspects of this United States Virgin Islands, including governmental, non profit, for profit, private and citizens work cohesively to address the presenting encumbrances and strengths impacting and effecting our population with particular emphasis on the children.

This Office maintains an oversight administrative branch that provides technical assistance and support to sub-grantee funding recipients that includes: Catholic Charities, Family Resource Center, Kidscope, and The Men’s Coalition of the Virgin Islands, The Women’s Coalition of St. Croix and the St. John Safety Zone.

The Office of Intake and Emergency Services staff is an active member of both the Child Abuse Task Force and the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Council within this territory.

The platform presented by the Center for the Study of Social Policy is in step with the forward and aggressive thinking of this Department. The time is now to implement front end proactive resources and efforts to address child neglect and child abuse in a protective stance.

The collaboration and dedication of the organizations and individuals listed in this response is the proverbial “tip of the iceberg” in relation to the active components that are ready, willing and able to step forward and take ownership of the problems and the solutions.

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